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Program Partners and Projects

World Stewardship Institute (WSI) currently sponsors twelve projects, each of which fits within the mission of WSI. Each project is operates independently within its own organizational structure, mission, goals, and funding toward those ends. Each project adheres to financial, governing, and reporting criteria congruent with the 501-c-3 nonprofit status of WSI. Fred Krueger coordinates WSI.

Fred Krueger
Fred Krueger

Christians Caring for Creation Prayer Network (CCCPN)

This network features a periodical prayer list of environmental issues from across America. Issues are publicized and recipients pray for help, healing and inspiration for those involved. Connie Hanson, in Pasadena, California, has managed this unique issue-focused network for almost ten years. She has developed a national support network and database through which she circulates periodic prayer lists. She receives requests for prayer assistance from churches, members and a variety of sources.
Contact Connie Hanson, Pasadena, California. To be on the mailing list, contact Connie Hanson by Email.

Connie Hanson
Connie Hanson

Christians for the Mountains

Christians For The Mountains (CFTM) is an Appalachian network that advocates that Christians and their churches recognize a responsibility to address mountaintop removal as an inappropriate method of coal extraction and seeks ways of living that respect people and the land. CFTM is nondenominational and non-partisan, but does take a stance in advocacy for justice, righteousness, and peace for the land and its people. CFTM seeks to be respectful to all voices seeking truth. Dr. Robert Marshall and Allen Johnson are co-founders. Contact Allen Johnson, Coordinator, by Email. See CFTM at www.christiansforthemountains.org

Bob Marshall* * *Allen Johnson
Bob Marshall and Allen Johnson

Carbon Confession

Carbon Confession
The Carbon Confession organization provides a way for individuals to acknowledge, confess and implement personal lifestyle and societal changes. For too long, Christians and Jews have ignored the overwhelming evidence of humankind’s unsustainable use of planet earth. Carbon Confession provides an opportunity to change from carbon addiction to a sustainable lifestyle. The carbon confession is a 7-step path leading from acknowledgment, confession of carbon addiction to action. 

For more information, please visit www.CARBONCONFESSION.com.
or contact: Jim Davidson, St. Paul, Minnesota. Email Jim Davidson


The Eco‑Chaplaincy Initiative (TEI)

The Eco-chaplaincy Initiative provides inter-religious support for people engaged in environmental and social justice work to help prevent burn-out and inspire long-term vision. The goal is to provide support for the transition from the Industrial Growth Era to a Life-Sustaining society. Eco-chaplaincy expands the field of chaplaincy by addressing the spiritual implications of ecological crisis through a combination of the four primary roles of a chaplain: theological, pastoral, healing, and change agency.

The Eco-Chaplaincy Initiative is directed by Reverend Sarah Vekasi in Swannanoa, North Carolina.Contact Sarah Vekasi for her newsletter by Email.

Sarah Vekasi
Sarah Vekasi

Green Houses of Worship

This service provides energy audits to houses of worship and helps them develop alternative energy and retrofitting for energy efficiency. The goal is to help churches go solar, reduce energy costs and establish a witness for church and society of the changes that all citizens will have to make to meet the challenges of climate change and higher energy costs.

Alex Couloumbis, CEO of C&C Construction, provides this service from Gaithersburg, Maryland. GHW, in cooperation with OFT,  is providing solar power for all of the facilities of HAH Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew in Turkey. Contact Alex Coulombis at Email.


Interfaith Oceans - An Ethics Campaign Bridging Faith & Science, Restoring Oceans & Their Communities

Interfaith Oceans bases its work on ocean science and common shared principles of faith across all religions that we did not create this earth or oceans, but we are responsible to care for: God’s gift of the earth, specifically the oceans; the poor, especially the coastal poor, harmed by ocean destruction; our youth, and raise them in the ways of compassion and good action; and future generations.

To address the spectrum of ocean issues, the NRCCC has helped Interfaith Oceans articulate moral and ethical guidelines for all people of faith that will provide direction on a right relationship to the oceans and help people everywhere protect and save the world'ss great oceans.

To learn more, you can visit the Interfaith Oceans', check out the Interfaith Oceans' Facebook page, or or contact Director Marybeth Lorbiecki by Email.

Marybeth Lorbeicki

Marybeth Lorbiecki

The National Religious Coalition on Creation Care (NRCCC)

This national religious coalition takes the environmental policy statements of mainstream religious institutions and presents them to the White House, to the Congress, and to other institutions of government. This effort preserves awareness of the moral and ethical principles that maintain our democratic institutions and that underlie environmental issues.

This coalition is co-chaired by Reverend Owen Owens, past chair of the National Council of Churches Eco-Justice Working Group, and Rabbi Warren Stone, chair of the Central Conference of American Rabbis' Environmental Affairs Committee; it is coordinated by Frederick Krueger from offices in Santa Rosa, California. See the website of the NRCCC at www.nrccc.org

Owen Owens * * * Warren Stone

Owen Owens and Warren Stone

Opening the Book of Nature (OBN)

Opening the Book of Nature (OBN) helps individuals learn spiritual lessons from wild nature. This program helps participants increase their appreciation of wild nature as God=s creation and at the same time deepen their faith. A national network of facilitators exists to help participants learn about God from the land. This forms a basis for spiritual experience and an ability to see deeper into the roots of ecological degradation. Dr. Robin Gottfried is developing a research program on the implications of OBN at the Center for Religion and the Environment at University of the South, Sewannee, Tennessee.

Contact Dr Gottfried by Email.
Fred Krueger coordinates the OBN program. See OBN at www.BookofNature.org and also at http://nrccc.org/site/Topics/Resources/BookNature/Book-of-Nature_Main.html

The Orthodox Fellowship of the Transfiguration (OFT)

The Orthodox Fellowship of the Transfiguration addresses environmental degradation in a uniquely Orthodox Christian manner. The Fellowship exists to bring creation care consciousness and activity to Orthodox parishes and members.

Fr. Christopher Bender in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is the chair of the OFT steering committee. See its website at www.Orth-Transfiguration.org


The Religious Campaign for Forest Conservation (RCFC)

RCFC helps churches, synagogues and civic organizations understand why forest issues are moral issues. It conducts forest restoration programs; promote statements on the importance of forest protection, and emphasizes saving all public forests and old growth forests. It promotes tropical reforestation and manages projects for rainforest restoration in Belize and Guatemala where it helps educate local people to the many values of their native forests. The RCFC also promotes a Vision for Forestry in the 21st Century that is circulated as a tool for education and action. See a website page of resources at http://nrccc.org/site/Topics/Issues/Forests/Forests_Main.html or contact Fred Krueger by Email.


The Religious Campaign for Wilderness (RCW)

This organization articulates and promotes the Spiritual Values of Wilderness in such a way that statements on specific wild areas are developed using local people. Petitions and statements are then produced, suitable for presentation to legislators. In the process a religious rationale for wilderness protection is promoted. For perspective religion is always born in wilderness, never the city. Judaism was born in the desert wilderness. Jesus prepared for his ministry, not in the temple, but in wilderness.  We are recovering a religious understanding of the spiritual values of wilderness. The values of wilderness relate to better practice of our faith and an awareness that the earth is sacred. See information about wilderness at http://www.nrccc.org/site/Topics/Issues/Wilderness/Wilderness_Main.html 


Tom English Endangered Species Institute (TESSI)

Pulitzer Prize winning biologist E. O. Wilson has concluded that "... we are in the midst of one of the great extinction spasms of geological history."  If current trends continue, great harm will be done to humanity and the Earth's ecosystem. The mission of TESSI is to decrease the impact of the current extinction crisis. TESSI's informs people, organizations and schools about the endangered species crisis and its potential consequences. Our hope is that these activities will increase awareness of these issues and allow individuals and groups to make better choices in their lives. Dr. Tom English is a former EPA official, electrical engineer, environmental coordinator for Silicon Valley businesses, and a former Associate Science Advisor to The White House.

Contact Dr. English at Email. A website is at https://sites.google.com/site/tomenglishendangeredspecies/

Tom English
Tom English

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